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Popular Styles and Ages of Homes for Millennials

The three hottest trends in home design for millennials today are:

Popular Styles and Ages of Homes for Millennials

Pre-WWII. These homes can be Victorians, such as Italianates or Queen Annes; Arts & Crafts bungalows; Tudors; Colonials; California Missions; and Greek Revivals — almost any type of architecture with Old World style, charm, and character. The exteriors are frame and wood, covered in stucco or brick and stone.

Mid-Century Homes. This is a term for homes built between 1945 and 1965. While Cape Cods fall into this category, the period is better known for its sleek ’50’s style, modern homes such as those built by Frank Lloyd Wright and Wright-inspired builders such as Streng and Eichler. Many of these mid-century homes have flat or shallow-pitched roofs, geometric shapes and triangular windows, cantilevered construction, and open floor plans.

Mediterranean. These homes incorporate Spanish or Italian details, boast stucco exteriors and tile roofs, and are mostly multiple levels. The entrances are grand and generally covered. Homes feature archways throughout and rounded wall corners. Patios sport columns and are filled with rustic terracotta pottery. You’ll see lots of wrought iron accents; interior floors are ceramic or Travertine, and dramatic staircases are located most often near the front of the home. Although you will find these homes constructed in the early 1920s, most often you will find this style copied by tract home builders after the year 2000.

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