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Long Island Divided – Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Newsday just published the results of a 3-year secret investigation uncovering widespread evidence of unequal treatment by real estate agents right here on Long Island. If you haven’t seen it already, click the link and have a read.

Long Island Divided

The investigation revealed that, “Long Island’s dominant residential brokering firms help solidify racial separations. They frequently directed white customers toward areas with the highest white representations and minority buyers to more integrated neighborhoods.”

This is not only disgusting, it’s unacceptable.  For a multitude of reasons, I have often said there’s room for a good clean up in the real estate industry, and now, thanks to Newsday, here’s some hard proof. It is far too easy to get a real estate license. The barriers to entering the industry are far too small when you consider your real estate agent is typically handling someone’s largest asset.

Without pointing fingers (Newsday did this for us already), some of these large franchise brokerages have lost sight of what matters most – people.

Now take a boutique firms like the Jones Hollow Realty Group, who has something to prove.   Jones Hollow can’t hide behind a large brand name and layers of corporate red tape.  Instead of focusing on the number of homes we purchase or sell, we concentrate on Customer Service.  Jones Hollow knows that your opinion has a more significant impact than at a larger company, and we will strive for your satisfaction.

Some think a “boutique” firm caters only to high clients, or might be too small to break into the competitive real estate market. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Jones Hollow Realty Group is an extremely specialized business with a culture centered on customer service and professionalism. Here you can expect above average representation in any transaction from a quaint condo unit to sprawling estate and everything in between. You will rest assured knowing that not only your agent, but the entire office is working to assist you for a smooth and skilled transaction.

In an age of technology where bigger is often interpreted as better and instant gratification is expected, Jones Hollow Realty Group, stands among the best.

  • Jones Hollow offers the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) representation as larger franchises. Meaning, we have the same access level to the same properties whether representing a buyer or a seller.
  • Brad Wilson, Broker

    Our online marketing capabilities exceed the competition and tend to be more creative. Your property will be represented on major home buying and selling sites like Zillow and Trulia and others.

  • Just like larger firms, much of the technology we provide our clients is provided through the MLS system.
  • Jones Hollow utilizes higher quality marketing products and is able to specialize our marketing even more than larger firms.

The Jones Jones Hollow Realty Group cares about the rights of buyers and seller more than building a business empire.


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