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Jones Hollow Realty Group Inc. Partners with Wheelhouse Advisory Services LP

Jones Hollow Realty Group Inc. Announces Partnership with Wheelhouse Advisory Services LP, Commits to Leveraging Commercial Business Services for Modern Markets

Jones Hollow Realty Group Inc., an enterprising Long Island real estate firm, announced today that its commercial division has entered into a strategic partnership with Wheelhouse Advisory Services L.P. Wheelhouse Advisory Services LP is a world-class financial organization led by principals with diversified industrial knowledge at all levels of business. The senior partners at Wheelhouse have over 200 years of combined operational and institutional experience in
private strategic advisory services to help organizations improve their performance with deep-dive forensic analysis, systematic plans, forming merger, acquisition, divestiture, and exit strategies. Facilitating over 100 transactions valued from $150,000 to $65,000,000.

Under the terms of the partnership, Brad Wilson, President of Jones Hollow Realty Group will be joining the executive board of Wheelhouse Advisory Services LP as Chief Executive Officer and Jones Hollow Realty Group’s East Islip location will also serve as the headquarters for Wheelhouse Advisory Services. This exclusive relationship will give Jones Hollow access to top-shelf merger and advisory services, a nationwide team of advisors, accountants, and financial analysts.

This partnership gives Jones Hollow Realty Group Inc. a strong competitive edge over local commercial real estate and business brokerages. Jones Hollow will leverage Wheelhouse’s extensive network and advisory services for companies with over $1 million in adjusted earnings.

“The largest transfer of wealth in history is currently underway, and it is in the form of established operating businesses owned by Baby Boomers,”remarked Brad Wilson.“This partnership is going to be a driving force on Long Island. While there is no shortage of local commercial brokerages, few are qualified to serve businesses with enterprises grossing over one million dollars appropriately.”

Wheelhouse Advisory Services is an M&A Advisory firm specializing in small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) looking to grow and/or exit.  We represent both buy-side and sell-side, offering services beyond what business brokers offer.  We offer comprehensive, investment banking-level M&A services, with an expansive global network.

Whether you are an owner looking to increase profitability to strengthen your valuation prior to sale, or have recently acquired a new business, we have the tools for ownership to be successful by more effectively and efficiently running operations.

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