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Steven Cordella

Persistence and making people feel at ease are two of Steven Cordells’s most distinctive qualities. He is decisive, forthcoming, and forceful, with a friendliness that provides his home buyers and sellers the utmost confidence.

Steve is a Long Island native and one of the most dedicated and passionate agents you'll ever find.  Steven's affinity for real estate stem from time spent in the construction industry working for a major utility company where his daily travels helped bring about an expansive working knowledge of the different areas and townships across Long Island.

In addition to real estate, Steven is an accomplished violinist who performs regularly with a string quartet and teaches other musicians to play.  Being a classical musician is all about goals, strategies to achieve those goals, resource usage, planning, and time management.  While these skills have taken years to develop as a classical musician, Steven is now in position to apply this same skill set to his passion for real estate when working for his clients.

Steven believes that the primary mission of a Realtor needs to be education. Helping buyers and sellers understand the process, as well as the market conditions and paperwork is key.

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