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Mike Piscola

Meet Mike Piscola, a dynamic Real Estate Salesperson at Jones Hollow Realty Group. Born and raised in West Islip, Mike infuses his South Shore perspective and energetic approach into the exciting world of real estate.

Family-oriented and known for his genuine enthusiasm for working with people, Mike recognizes the importance of finding the perfect home for you and your loved ones. With an educational background in Business Finance, he's well-prepared to guide clients through the financial aspects of property transactions.

Driven and hard-working, Mike’s dedication aligns perfectly with the values at Jones Hollow Realty Group. He's committed to discovering the best properties for his clients, embracing the collaborative and community-focused ethos of the team.

At Jones Hollow Realty Group, based in East Islip, we pride ourselves on offering personalized real estate services. We deliver value, flexibility, and unparalleled insight into the Long Island market, particularly the South Shore and surrounding areas. Our emphasis on exceptional service, community, and a commitment to quality over quantity sets us apart.

Beyond his professional commitments, Mike leads a healthy lifestyle, consistent with visits to the gym. This devotion to well-being reflects a balanced individual who understands the importance of harmony in all aspects of life.

With Mike Piscola on your side, you'll experience the attentive, personalized service that Jones Hollow Realty Group is renowned for. Contact Mike today, and let this vibrant real estate salesperson assist you with your next real estate adventure. Your dream home awaits, and Mike is here to make it a reality!

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