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Gunner Wilson

Gunner Wilson
Brand Ambassador

Gunner, a magnificent European Blue Great Dane and the muse behind the Jones Hollow Realty Group Logo, was a true giant in both size and heart. Weighing a whopping 230 pounds, Gunner was not just a pet, but a beloved member of our team and a testament to the importance of considering our furry friends in real estate decisions.

His legacy lives on in our commitment to pet-friendly properties. Gunner taught us that 81% of Americans factor in their pets when choosing a home, and he was the reason we always highlight dog-friendly features like spacious yards and mudrooms in our listings. His influence ensures that our clients never have to compromise on the dream home for their pets.

Beyond the world of real estate, Gunner was a gentle giant, known for his love of lounging on the couch, basking in the sun at the dock, and his playful roughhousing with his brother Axel. His love for pizza and the necessity of drool rags were part of his charming personality.

Gunner's spirit and the lessons he imparted continue to guide our approach at Jones Hollow Realty. We remember him fondly, not with sadness, but with gratitude for the joy and insights he brought into our lives and the lives of our clients. Gunner's paw prints remain forever embedded in our hearts and our mission.

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