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Adam Linderman

With young children in the beautiful community of West Islip, Adam specializes in all towns from Massapequa to Oakdale, however, He's knowledgeable of the entire island. The South Shore is an ideal place to live, play, or raise a family and each town tends to offer its own charm, which is why this North Carolina native has called it home for the past decade.

Adam has years of experience working with a diverse set of clients from all over the island, each with their own set of needs. Prior to real estate, he helped create one of the premier, boutique travel agencies in the US. It was here that he found the passion for helping guide his clients to the right situation. Through listening to and understanding each client, Adam is able to process and find the right scenario for everyone. Two things that he has learned over the past 15 years - 1) there is always a solution and 2) no two clients are ever the same, each requiring specific attention to their individual needs. Communication is key in every relationship, and no more so than when trusting someone to purchase or sell your home.

Making sure that each client is happy throughout the entire process is what drives Adam. Working with Adam, provides you a seamless, personalized experience, from initial meeting until well after the closing. Adam looks forward to meeting you and working to ensure your happiness.

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