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Waiting Too Long

Found a house you want to buy? Don’t wait. Taking too long to make an offer in a competitive real estate market can drive you crazy, and for good reason.

If too much time passes between a buyer viewing a home and making an offer, the seller might not take you as seriously as another party who quickly expressed interest and maintained communication.

Don’t get us wrong—how much you’re willing to offer for a house is a huge part of your offer. But it isn’t the only thing you should worry about.

It’s not necessarily the highest offer that the seller will accept, but rather the best structured offer.
A good offer is a mix of timing, the right price, and reasonable contingencies (those clauses that give you the option to bail out of the deal if something isn’t met). If you decide on a price, but refuse to cave on 10 contingencies, you’re probably frustrating the seller—more than a bit.

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